We Are Beyond

When learning about us you see we are not like the rest we are here to help with connecting customers to stores that have the best buds in our opinion. Each store is visited to ensure the staff are friendly and knowledgeable about their products.

Bud Finders

We search for and visit the dispensaries to find find the most affordable prices. Plus we taste test the products that they sell. The most important thing is QUALITY Buds, Vape Tanks, Edibles and drinks.

We stop at nothing

to connect you to the best stores in states where laws have been passed allowing for Adult and Medical use of Cannabis.

Up and coming brands we love to connect with them. We are here to help them become a house hold name brand.

We Take It Step-By-Step

The first step we take is locating the stores. Next we visit them without the staff knowing who we are. Then we test some products. If we like we go back and let know whe we are.

We Keep It Simple

No need to make it hard. Do they have easy secure location? Do they have quality buds? Do they have more than one brand? Another thing we look for is affordable prices. 

Finding the best Bud is Our Mission.

We Believe In Connecting people to the best Stores.

The whole reason we started this we to give people more choices than the other sites list. We work hard to make it affordable to help store owners connect with new customers.

The stores have been signed up and listed have been vented to make sure all licenses are in place to operate legally in their states and cities.

Delivery Services

We know that quality and prices affect everyone. So we have connected with local dispensaries. If you need advice on where to find the best Cannabis stores. We are here to help you. 

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