Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Weed Store Advisor and for any and all Subdomains, the privacy policy is as follows.

Personal data is safe we only use your information in order to help the placement service for which you contact us. We do not share or sell your information provided to us with any marketing company or any research firms.

Weed Store Advisor believes in your privacy. 

Information used when placing an order through Weed Store Advisor marketplace.

When using the marketplace for ordering your information is not stored by us or sold to any marketing agencies. All ordering is done as “Guest” this is done to protect your privacy. Your information and order is sent to the dispensary that you picked. All orders are to be paid to the dispensary you placed your order from. 

Weed Store Advisor privacy policy is meant to inform users on how their personal data (such as email and form data other….) and other online information are kept safe and protected.

You may ask “how is my information protected”?

Weed Store Advisor strives to provide users with a user-friendly experience on each and every visit. To do our best to ensure no harmful scripts are present and most importantly, that your experience on the website is safe. also uses Re-CAPTCHA layers to ensure non-human entries do not exist nor may enter this website. Email spam blocking programs on the server level are constantly monitoring incoming emails.

All submissions on blogs and forums require webmaster approval to ensure no spam or harmful 3rd party links appear. These are added layers of security to ensure your safety.

If Weed Store Advisor were to provide links to 3rd party sites, vendors, and or useful articles then we screen these 3rd party URL’s to ensure, to the best of our knowledge that these sites are clean and responsible, however, we can not warrant or advise on 3rd party sites. You must review their privacy and terms of use statements to determine their privacy policies.

Weed Store Advisor keeps a valid SSL certificate and encryption ( HTTPS ) as another added layer of security to ensure your communications and personal information are safe and secure. This means having a dedicated IP host server address vs a shared IP address as some sites do utilize on the server level.

SSL certificates are an added layer of security and mainly by those who accept payments online. These merchant accounts undergo a strict background check prior to and before being authorized to accept credit cards online as merchant account. has or plans to add SSL certificate encryption. When you send your information to Weed Store Advisor you are inputting it into SSL servers for processing and clearing to secure your transmitted data. SSL encryption is of vital importance to users of wifi, mobile and online users in public places.

Weed Store Advisor can not guarantee your privacy 100% if you are using public wifi, shared, and or nonsecure browser access.

As an additional layer of security, only a few people have access to the website back-end. Each webmaster or ADMIN has a separate identifiable login user name and password. When a webmaster enters the website it tracks the backend user login, date, times, and or upgrades and changes made.

By limiting access to the website back end to a select few further insures your safety and privacy. This website also has a super admin who holds the keys to the website. The super admin issues rights to other back-end users and can limit their ability to access the site. This is important to understand because only one super admin is responsible for all tasks and functions of this website.

If a guest blogger or 3rd party is invited to write the content of useful information articles on this website they may or may not provide links to their website and or blog of which, once again you must review their particular website privacy policies. We are not can we warrant a 3rd party site.

Weed Store Advisor can receive feedback, responses, or questions from blog posts, social media, forums, feeds, or other 3rd party sites. By responding to a blog post, social media, forums, pinning, or article you provide you are providing you’re information freely. You chose how you’re name and personal info are displayed by responding or leaving comments. pins, other. This is not under our control but yours.

With this known, blog is set up to be monitored and requires admin approval. Weed Store Advisor will do its best to remove last names and other personal information that a user may elect to provide when engaging freely on their own will and in public forums.

Any online user, surfer, social media account holder and other 3rd party platform users are under user control whether the user elects to provide their personal information in all public domains and places around the world wide web-based upon privacy and user profile info provided to those other 3rd party website, platforms, other.  Some responders elect to have their information public on blogs. social media and other types of feeds therefore please make sure you are aware most public forums post what you provide and will most likely be viewed by others.

The Weed Store Advisor Blog is different from the website. All website request via forms, contacts, and others are kept confidential. Your contact info and contact information are NOT public HOWEVER when you freely engage in responding to a Blog entry you are deciding what to post and you are in control of what you share openly and freely.

Doe sWeed Store Advisor collect data?

Normally, when you visit a website and or enter a form request you are asked to provide an email address, name, and or phone including other pertinent information in order for and its solution provider to respond properly. This type of information is automatically stored in our database and is utilized by to respond to your request and or question. This info is kept private and not sold or shared with anyone outside network.

Additional information as to your such as your IP and URL is provided by the user when the user leaves a blog post comment. This is required info when replying to a post and allows for the approval or non-approval of post based upon if spam is detected along with link safety.  Other specific information is collected by Google Analytics. Google Analytics provides generic non-identifying information about site visits. This information provides with a way to measure OVERALL visits to the website. Generic information includes page visits, time on site, time of pages, pages visited, number of visits and day, number of new visits, Country of visit, City of visit, keywords used, breakdown of male versus female users, where visits derived from such as social media or web-based search and other non-identifiable information. From this generic info, better able to understand which browsers are most useful, what landing pages and exit pages were utilized, and whether the visit was land-based or mobile entry point like above. This generic information allows to better understand the users. This information is confidential as described above and helps Weed Store Advisor create a better user experience. We do NOT share this information nor do we track you. No personal info is collected or known. Google Analytics allows one to opt-out of google analytics by clicking this link here opt-out of google analytics.

How secure is your data?

Your data is stored on a secure hosting server and is accessible by Weed Store Advisor admins. In order to access data, one must have the back-end codes to enter the site and or the server which uses IP recognition among other layers of security to protect your data. If you filled in a quote form with re-CAPTCHA the data is automatically directed to a Weed Store Advisor professional who can provide a quote. NOTING we do not use your email to send emails unless you were to DOUBLE OPT in to receive email newsletters or monthly specials. We never spam. See Below.

How is my personal information provided to Weed Store Advisor shared?

Weed Store Advisor will never share your personal information with any outside entity, marketing firm, advertiser, marketing company, or list-building business. Weed Store Advisor utilizes provided information to our internal exclusive solution provider network, employees, and staff. A solution provider does not have access to IP, browser, search words, and other underlying secure user information. A provider or representative of Weed Store Advisor must have general information such as your name, email address, phone number, and nature of your submitted quote or request to provide you with the proper quote and or solution locally or nationally.

Is using cookies?

Yes, cookies store information that helps websites load faster and provide a faster online experience. If you visit and you return to pages will simply load quicker. Almost all online websites use cookies HOWEVER web browsers are separate from websites and Weed Store Advisor has no control over your chosen browser’s use of cookies and data mining. It is important to know the difference between a browser and a website. Weed Store Advisor does NOT data mine your surfing habits or nor do we want to nor do we wish to. We believe in your privacy. Please read privacy and terms of use statements provided by web browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and others. These are browsers used to access the internet and out of our control.

Promotions, email campaigns, surveys, and social media privacy:

Weed Store Advisor will provide DOUBLE OPT-IN email forms if you wish to receive email specials and articles. You have a choice to receive valuable information, special promotions, enter giveaway contests, obtain free expert advice, take surveys, hear about new trends, view articles and utilize social media.

Weed Store Advisor will ask you to opt-in when you sign up to receive email specials, discounts, and breaking news. If you do opt-in you will have the ability to opt-out at any time via a link within the news release or email. However, when you request a quote and or use the contact form online you are providing your name, email address, and other information freely for Weed Store Advisor to respond. You hereby understand that by contacting you agree to be contacted with a quote, by a rep or have your request answered and replied to. When you initiate a request from the Weed Store Advisor website you are opting into a call or email response but you are not opting into an email list campaign.

Weed Store Advisor understands many online users and businesses are busy and the last thing we want is to clutter your email box on a daily basis, therefore when you do choose to opt into specials, contests, and news then Weed Store Advisor will only send out emails that are important and of value. Weed Store Advisor does NOT spam nor do we wish to send out daily emails. Weed Store Advisor Opt-in emails could be sent out monthly or only when a month’s perceived end-user value is present. If you do take a survey it actually helps us better serve our customers. Surveys are confidential and you can elect to remain anonymous.

Social media, links, and third party sites:

Every website is different. Article links provide a great way to offer instant access to industry information, insightful blogs, site feeds, third-party websites, and other relevant data regarding our industry.

Normally there are three types of links. Outgoing, Incoming, and internal on-site links. Outgoing and incoming links such as Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and other social sites are separate third-party sites. These sites are not part of or under the control of Weed Store Advisor. Other relevant links to others sites referred to as non-social sites are also not under the control of Weed Store Advisor. Therefore, you are advised to check with these link sites and all other sites’ Privacy Policy’s and Terms of Use prior to signing up, interacting, and or sharing your information with these sites.

Weed Store Advisor internal website (on-site) page links fall under Weed Store Advisor website privacy and layered security controls.

Disclaimer of website warranties: adds layers of security and privacy controls, however, Weed Store Advisor disclaims any and all liability, responsibility for the operation, accuracy, reliability, legality, content, availability, or completeness of the information and material provided and displayed. Weed Store Advisor disclaims any and all responsibility for the failure to maintain, store, deletion, accidental loss, untimely delivery, or missed delivery of any and all information and material. Weed Store Advisor disclaims any additional responsibility or harm resulting from downloading or accessing any materials or information on this website. Weed Store Advisor makes no warranties in regards to or to the sufficiency of our measures of security.

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